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Appetizers - “Shuru-Aat”
Spinach Pakora $2.95
Onion Pakora $2.95
Aloo Tikki (2 Pieces) $2.95
Veg.Cutlets (2 Pieces) $2.95
Veg.Samosa(2 pieces) $2.95
Chilli Bajji (4 Pieces) $3.95
Cut Mirchi $4.95
Paneer Pakora $5.95
Egg Bonda $5.95
Chicken Pakora $5.95
Fish Fry $6.95
Ginger Shrimp $6.95
Chilly Chicken $7.95
Chicken 65 $7.95

Tomato Soup $2.95
Pepper Rasam $2.95
Mulligatawny Soup $2.95

South Specialties----“Dakshin”
Idly Sambar
Rice Cakes
Methu Vada
Deep Fried Lentil Donuts
Dahi Vada
Deep Fried Lentil Donuts Served in Spicy Yogurt
Idly (2) & Vada (1)
Rice Cakes and Deep Fried Lentil Donuts
Plain Dosa
Rice Crepe Served With Chutnies
Masala Dosa
Rice Crepe Stuffed With Spiced Potato
Mysore Masala Dosa
Rice Crepe With Layer of Chutnies, Potatoes and Oninons
Ravva Onion Masala Dosa
Lentil Crepe Grilled With Onions & Stuffed Potatoes
Spring Dosa
Rice Crepe Stuffed With Various Veggies & Chutnies
Paneer Masala Dosa
Rice Crepe of cottage Cheese & Stuffed With Potatoes
Egg Dosa
Thin Rice Crepe With Layer of Egg Crepe
Chicken 65 Dosa
Rice Crepe Stuffed With Seasoned Chicken
Hyderabadi Kheema Mutter Dosa
Thin Rice Crepe Stuffed with Fresh Ground lamb marinated With Herbs & Traditional Spices
M.L.A Pesarattu
Green Gram Crepe Stuffed with Onions, Ginger and Garlic
Plain Uttappam
Lentil Pancake stuffed With Onions
Vegetable Uttappam
Lentil Pancake Stuffed With Vegetables
Paneer Uttappam
Puffed Bread served with Chic Peas Curry
Chole Batura
Lentil Pancake Stuffed With Cheese & Vegetables

Tandoor Saugaat
(Tandoor is a Traditional Char coiled fried clay Oven shaped like a dome. The meats and breads are cooked at very high temperature often reaching 600 F. This locks all the flavors and the juices baking it to perfection, a gourmet delight.)
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken marinated in yogurt, fresh spices & lemon Juices then barbecued in Tandoor
Chicken Reshmi Kabob
Fillet of Chicken marinated herbs & spices then barbecued in Tandoor
Chicken Tikka
Chicken Charboiled in Tandoor & Cooked to bring out the intricate flavor
Sheesh Kabob
Fresh ground lamb marinated with herbs & spices then broiled in tandoor
Tandoori Shrimp
Tender Shrimps marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger & spices then broiled in Tandoor
Fish Tikka Kabob
Fillet of fish marinated herbs & spices then barbecued in tandoor
Tandoori Mix Grill
Non-veg Combination platter

Vegetarian Entrées-“Shaka-hari Bhojan”
(Your choice of entrée served with Rice pilaf or Plain Naan)
Tadaka Dal
Mildly spiced lentil curry
Dal Makhani
Lentils cooked in low heat & tossesd with ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes & spices
Mutter Paneer
A true Moghulai delight, lightly sweet & spicy with flavor of cardamoms
Paneer Makhani
Cottage cheese cubes lightly fried and cooked in home made special sauce
Kadai Paneer
Cottage cheese sautéed with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and finished with rich gravy
Palak Paneer
Home made cottage cheese cubes lightly fried & cooked in spinach puree
Baingan Bartha
EggPlant partially baked in oven & then cooked with tomatoes & spices
Navaratna Koorma
Traditional merging of 9 types of vegetables, dry fruits & cheese
Masala Aloo Gobi
Mouth –watering blend of fresh cauliflower & potato seasoned to perfection
Channa Masala
Garbanzo beans cooked in traditional spices
Aloo Palak
Potato cooked with spices and spinach in a thick gravy sauce
Mirch Ka Salan
A favorite dish from Hyderabad, green chilies cooked in sesame seed gravy & tamarind sauce
Malai Kofta
A true mughulai delight-freshly minced vegetables simmered in cardamom, saffron & garlic
Bhindi Masala
Okra cooked on a low flame with sliced onions & spices
Guthi Vankaya
Tender eggplants cooked with various herbs & spices. Favorite dish from Eastern Ghats

Chicken Entrées
(Your choice of entrée served with Rice pilaf or Plain Naan)
Butter Chicken
Chicken cooked with spices, herbs & butter sauce
Chicken Masala
Chicken cooked with hearty blend of tangy tomato sauce & spices
Chicken Curry
Chicken finished with home made curry sauce
Chicken Shahi Koorma
A true Moghulai Delight, lightly sweet & spicy with flavor of cardamoms
Chicken Masala
Chicken cooked with hearty blend of tangy tomato sauce & spices
”Spinach” Saag Chicken
Chicken finished with mildly spiced spinach
Chicken Jhal Farezi
Chicken sautéed with onions, peppers & finished with ginger, garlic & various other herbs
Ginger Chicken
Boneless breast chicken sautéed with special ginger sauce along with herbs & spices
Chicken Pasanda
Chicken finished with special almond sauce
Kadai Chicken
A northwest frontier specialty, chicken cooked with fried curry leaves, yogurt & spices
Chicken Tikka Masala
Breast chicken skewed in tandoor and sautéed in a rich home made sauce
Chicken Roast
Boneless chicken cooked along with various species and finished on slow fire

Lamb/Goat Entrées
(Your choice of entrée served with Rice pilaf or Plain Naan)
Lamb Vindaloo
For the one with true passion for spicy food, lamb and potatoes cooked in fiery red chilly & vinegar sauce
Palak “Spinach” Gosh
Succulent pieces of lamb cooked with fresh spinach, traditional spices & sautéed with ginger & garlic
Lamb Koorma
A Moghulai delight, creamy sweet & spicy with the delicate flavor of cardamoms
Lamb Pasanda
Lamb cooked in exotic blend of cream, almond sauce & spices
Hyderabadi Kheema Mutter
Fresh ground lamb marinated & cooked on low heat with herbs & spices
Special Lamb/Goat Fry
Tender goat marinated & cooked in a curry sauce of fresh herbs & spices
Lamb/Goat Rogan Josh
Succulent pieces of Lamb/Goat cooked closely in a special sauce
Lamb/Goat Curry
Tender Goat marinated & cooked in a curry sauce of fresh herbs & spices
Goat Vindaloo
For the one with true passion for spicy food, Goat and potatoes cooked in fiery re chilly & vinegar sauce

Seafood Entrées
(Your choice of entrée served with Rice pilaf or Plain Naan)
Ginger Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp marinated with ginger and cooked with herbs & spices
Kadai Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp cooked closely on low heat with traditional spices & Kadai masala
Shrimp Vindaloo
Jumbo shrimp marinated & cooked with spicy curry sauce with chunks of steak potatoes
Shrimp Maharaja
Jumbo shrimp marinated in yogurt & coked with tomato and mild cream sauce
Royyala Vepudu
Jumbo shrimp stir fried & cooked closely in low heat
Chepala Pulusu
Very popular dish from Andhra & Eastern Ghats. Fish spicy tamarind sauce

Rice Specialities –“HYDERABADI BIRYANI”
Vegetable Biryani $7.95
Chicken Biryani $7.95
Goat Biryani $8.95
Lamb Biryani $10.95
Shrimp Biryani $11.95

From Our Bread Basket
Naan/Steamed Basmati Rice
(Naan: Leavened Homemade, thick chewy bread in clay oven)
Garlic Naan
Soft flour bread stuffed with fresh garlic baked and clay oven
Paneer Naan
Naan stuffed with shredded homemade cheese & herbs
Oninon Naan
Soft flour bread stuffed with fresh onion baked and clay oven
Kheema Naan
Mix of minced garlic, onions, ground lamb, herbs & stuffed in Naan
Whole wheat flour bread baked in tandoor
Whole-wheat layered bread fried with butter
Lacha Paratha
A multi-layered whole wheat bread fried with butter
Aloo Paratha
Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes & spices
Assorted bread basket
(Garlic Naan, Roti/Pulka, Naan)
Plain yogurt mixed with chopped onion, cucumber and spices
Plain Yogurt

Fusion of Indian-Chinese Cuisine
Veg. Manchuria
Gobi Manchuria
Chicken Manchuria
Veg Sweet Corn Soup
Veg Hot & Sour Soup
Chicken sweet Corn Soup
Chicken Hot & Sour Soup
Fried Rice Varieties
Veg. Fried Rice
Egg Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice
Shrimp Fried Rice
Veg Hakka Soft Noodles
Chicken Hakka Soft Noodles

Desserts “MEETA”

Snowy floats of sweetened milk
Gulab Jamoon
Deep fried plum colored dumplings of dried milk & refined flour
Gajar Ka Halwa
Carrot & milk pudding with touch of green cardamom
Sevai Payasam
Fried vermicelli in sweetened milk
Fruit Custard
Custard Mixed with fruit pieces & Ice-cream

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Abhiruchi Indian Cuisine

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5530 Winward Pkwy, Ste 440 GA 30004

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About Abhiruchi Indian Cuisine:
Our Buffet lunch features traditional and contemporary dishes from regional parts of India. Our inspired chef creates a unique mix of dishes that will compliment and delight your palate. Featuring 15-20 unique dishes presented, our lunch buffet menu includes starters such as salads and fritters, entrees of fresh vegetables, meats and seafood, Biryani’s to delicious dessert treats.

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